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Scheduled Meetings for


A major part of the San Antonio Bonsai Society's charter is to promote the art of bonsai. We do this through demonstrations, lectures, shows, displays and monthly club meetings. This section of our web page provides you with a listing of our planned meetings for 2005. Come and share the enjoyment of growing, collecting, and displaying your bonsai.

The San Antonio Bonsai Society, Inc., is a non-profit corporation. Its membership meets the first Wednesday of every month (with few exceptions) at the Ruble Center, 419 East Magnolia, at 7:00 p.m. New members and visitors are always welcome.

Black Pine bonsai. Mike Hansen presented a program and the health and training of these magnificent trees.

Irene Valdez & Louis Cervantes served as Host and Hostess for this event.

Styling of Trees for Viva Botanica. Members style and pot trees for sale at Viva Botanica in April. We have some nice trees to start on so bring your tools and imagination. Soil, pots, wire and experienced assistance will be provided.

Martha Klajnowski & and others served as Hostess and Host and provide the refreshments for this event.

Concepts of Styling. Chuck Ware has worked hard to prepare a special presentation on Texas native trees. This should be of great interest to most of us in the club whether we are relative newcomers or 'old timers'.

Refreshments will be provided by Frances Goslin, this month's Hostess.

Saikei. Ms. Yvonne Padilla will show you how easily you can turn those young sprouts into a forest that will attract positive attention.

Cindy Ince and Jay Nolan will be Hostess and Host and provide the refreshments for this month's meeting.

MAY 4th
Blooming and Fruiting Bonsai. Special requirements are necessary to keep these types of trees healthy and strong.

Ms. Hattie Preston will Host and provide the refreshments for this month's meeting.

JUNE 1st
Pruning and Care of Deciduous Bonsai. Paul Tyler will show us the proper way to prune and take care of these practical trees.

Marie Beyer will act as Hostess and provide refreshments for this month's meeting.

JULY 6th
Ficus Bonsai Air Layering. This will be aperfect opportunity for you to learn how to start new bonsai or save that special branch that just 'needs to go' on your current tree. Buddy Hensley and Behr Appleby will show you how and answer all of your questions.

Paul and Dawn Tyler will serve as Host and Hostess to provide refreshments for this meeting.

Annual Picnic - Zilker Park, Austin.August is our annual San Antonio & Austin Bonsai Societies' picnic.

This is Austin's year to host the annual Austin-San Antonio Bonsai Picnic. Details are still in the planning stages. Please bring a covered dish to serve 10 people. Also note that there is no regularly scheduled Wednesday meeting this month. Watch the newsletter for updates concerning this event.

Please note there is no regular Wednesday meeting this month.

Annual Auction. Members are asked to donate their treasures (bonsai items, i.e. books, containers, tools, stands, and other bonsai related materials, plus anything else that will sell). This is your Society's biggest source of money, so please come and be a part of the fun. Expect to see a wide variety of pre-bonsai with great potential. Bring your donations and lots of cash or checks. Friends and guests are certainly welcome.

Libby Huffman will provide refreshments for this meeting.

Tree Styling Workshop. Preparing trees to sell at Viva Botanica in 2006. Club members need to bring their own tools, and the club will provide everything else. If you are new to bonsai, please come and let some of the "older" members help you to learn this art.

Fernando Fernandez will bring refreshments and serve as Host for this meeting.

"Where is the Bonsai?". Donna Dobberfuhl will show us the "art in bonsai" during this delightful demonstration.

As Host, Buddy Hensley will bring refreshments for this meeting.

Our Annual Christmas Party! Members bring Christmas decorated Bonsai trees to share with everyone. Use your imagination to decorate a bonsai tree. Originality carries a lot of weight. A Friendly contest will be held with prizes for the first, second, and third most popular trees. Please participate - it is much more fun when everyone is involved. Each member is asked to bring enough of your favorite treat - sweet or otherwise - to share with ten others. The evening will also include a program that will add to the enjoyment of everyone present.

Please join us for our next meeting at:

The Ruble Center
419 East Magnolia
San Antonio, Texas

All meetings are informal with members having all levels of expertise
- from beginner to master.

And guests are always welcome!

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