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  Publishing Companies & Publications:
Stone Lantern Publishing Stone Bridge Press Ohayo Sensei's Online Bookstore


  Associations & Clubs:
National Bonsai Foundation Viewing Stone Links San Antonio Bonsai Society Calif Suiseki Society


  Personal & Commercial Pages:

Chiara's Site  Chiara Padrini's site. Nice site with lots of pictures of Italian and other European stones. Good links. Chira is President of the Associazione Italiana Amatori Suiseki (Italian Association of Suiseki Lovers ).

  Marco Favero's site. Nice pages with samples of many stones throughout Italy and the rest of Europe. He has many pictures of stones from his collection and those of others.

Craig's Site  Craig Coussins' page. Craig is a Scot who has traveled extensively. His site is filled with information on every aspect of bonsai and suiseki. He has over 2,000 suiseki in his personal collection from all over the world with pictures of some on his site. He also has great links.

  Craig J. Hunt's page on the National Bonsai Foundation site. Best Suiseki links on the web.

  The International Stone Appreciation Society. This is a United Kingdom site, but I'm not quite sure what the ISAS is.

  Indonesian Suiseki Association. Includes more than suiseki, such as fossils.

  Felix Rivera's page. Quite a lot of information; good pictures, descriptions and explanations. He also includes pictures from other suiseki artists from California and abroad.

  Great Korean Suseok site. Lots of pictures. Even if you don't speak the language, check the links. They work the same in Korean.

Suseok Site  Another Korean Suseok site. Lots of pictures of stones, displays, exhibitions, etc.


  Other Interesting Links:

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