Potomac Viewing Stone Group


The PVSG is an informal organization formed in mid-1999. The group's objectives are to help educate people about Asian and Western stone traditions and encourage continuation of the art through interesting group meetings, exhibits and collecting trips. Some of the PVSG's activities include:

The PVSG meets about every two months, on a Saturday or Sunday. They avoid having meetings in December due to the holidays and numerous family commitments of members. Most meetings are held in the Yoshimura Center at the US National Arboretum, New York Ave, Washington D.C.

They encourage members to bring some of their stones to each meeting to share with others during a 'show & tell' or just for a friendly critique. They plan at least one collecting trip per year, as one of their meetings.

PVSG Member Dues are only $15 a year and include notification and participation in all group activities. They strongly encourage e-mail correspondence to minimize postage costs. They have recently affiliated with The Potomac Bonsai Association (PBA), but also encourage membership from outside the Bonsai community. Anyone in the area with an interest in stone appreciation, willing to share, and desiring to further their knowledge is welcome to join. For more information contact one of the officers listed below:

Chris Yeapanis - President (703) 591-0864


Chris Cochrane - Vice President/Program Chairman


Glenn Reusch - Secretary (540) 672-5699


John Carlson - Librarian (301) 864-6637


Jean Goertner - Treasurer (301) 871-8029


(Information provided by Glenn Reusch, Secretary, PVSG)

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